28COE Launches Nationwide Initiative: “28 Credentials of Entrepreneur” Promises Networking and Collaboration Bonanza

In a groundbreaking move, Dr. Bilal Ahmad Bhat, the founder and CEO of 28COE, announced the initiation of the “28 Credentials of Entrepreneur” events across India. Dr. Bhat shared insights into this ambitious venture in an exclusive interview with TheMONdaily.


Designed to be a comprehensive engagement series, the 28COE events will traverse the vast landscape of networking channels, co-working spaces, entrepreneurial platforms, SMEs, startups, investors, educational institutions, schools, colleges, and universities. The initiative also seeks collaboration with manufacturers and suppliers, aiming to forge connections that transcend geographical boundaries.


Dr. Bhat expressed a keen interest in expanding collaborations throughout PAN India, emphasizing the goal of nurturing talent and fostering connections between the youth and businesses within the extensive 28COE ecosystem spanning the globe. He highlighted the importance of regular events, occurring yearly, monthly, and weekly, to provide a platform for networking, branding, and knowledge sharing.


“The events are suitable for anyone serious about connecting with decision-makers, CEOs, founders, startups, mentors, educators, and even chambers of commerce,” stated Dr. Bilal. The overarching theme of these gatherings is to create opportunities for growth, collaboration, and learning.


The 28COE initiative stands as a beacon for those seeking new opportunities in the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship. Driven by a commitment to connect people with diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and aspirations, the events promise to be a melting pot of ideas and collaborations.


“We create opportunities, and we invite everyone to be part of our movement to witness the positive difference firsthand,” remarked Dr. Bilal, underlining the inclusive nature of the 28COE initiative. As the entrepreneurial landscape evolves, this nationwide series of events aims to be a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and sustained growth in the Indian business ecosystem.