Arjumand Aazad-

Arjumand Aazad, formerly known as Arjmand Qureshi, is an accomplished professional with a diverse background. He holds an MBA in HR from the University of Wales, UK, and is a certified Operational Manager from ITDC India (India Tourism Development Corporation). With extensive work experience in both London and India, Arjumand has worked in a total of 13 companies, including holding the position of General Manager in a hotel.


In addition to his professional pursuits, Arjumand is passionate about various activities. He enjoys exploring business opportunities and growth options, writing poetry, playing cricket, engaging in charity work, and investing in cryptocurrency.


Arjumand’s life took an unexpected turn when he had to leave his settled life in London in January 2013. Sadly, his father passed away, and his mother’s health deteriorated, prompting him to return to India for good. Although he had to leave behind his dreams of acquiring British citizenship, he embarked on a new journey, starting from scratch. Initially, he ventured into an IT software support business in partnership with friends in 2015, only to be betrayed. Undeterred, he started the same business again with another close friend, but once again, he faced betrayal. These experiences, although not his passion, served as stepping stones toward his ultimate goals.


Finally, on October 24th, 2020, during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Arjumand accomplished a long-held dream by launching his own brand called The Cashmir STAG in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. The brand represents an authentic Kashmiri experience, offering a wide range of products sourced directly from Kashmir. The Cashmir STAG has garnered significant recognition and appreciation from customers in India and abroad. Over the past year, both the physical store in Dharamshala and online platforms, including social media sites and YouTube, have contributed to impressive sales. Expanding their reach, a second store is scheduled to open in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, on August 1st, 2021.


Building on their success, The Cashmir STAG has also begun exporting Kashmiri kurtis to Malaysia and Kashmiri leather handbags, wallets, and sling bags to Mauritius. The brand has gained a reputation as a licensed exporter approved by the government of India. Furthermore, they have ambitious plans to export their products to clients in Germany, the UK, and several other European countries. By 2023, they aim to establish additional stores in different cities across India and are preparing to launch their first international physical store in London in 2022. With a global presence, The Cashmir STAG has successfully delivered online orders to customers in various countries, including India, the UK, Canada, Germany, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Malaysia, and the US. Their expansion and international connections have been facilitated by YouTube, which played a vital role in attracting export clients.


Currently, The Cashmir STAG specializes in offering a wide range of handicraft and other products from Kashmir. Their diverse selection includes clothing, saffron, honey, shilajit, kehwa, curtains, bed covers, diwan sets, cushion covers, kurtis, handbags, wallets, sling bags, decorative items, paper mache crafts, and intricately carved walnut wood items, among others.


Arjumand Aazad, the driving force behind The Cashmir STAG, continues to pursue his dreams and aspirations while showcasing the rich heritage of Kashmir through his brand.