Meet the Youngest Chairman of Philippines Monopoly: A Remarkable Journey

In the heart of the Pearl of the Orient lies an inspiring rags-to-riches story that embodies the essence of this magnificent nation—a land of pristine beaches, awe-inspiring landscapes, and breathtaking landmarks that captivate the hearts of tourists worldwide. This is where you’ll find not only a high standard of Filipino care, known as “Kalinga,” but also a story that’s an absolute delight and a testament to the theme: It’s More Fun in the Philippines.
With its exceptional location, mouthwatering cuisine, and world-class hospitality, the Philippines is undeniably the world’s best destination.
A Mother’s Determination: From Humble Beginnings to Extraordinary Heights
Raised by a strong and determined single mother, our protagonist faced adversity from the moment he was born. His father’s absence only fueled his mother’s determination to provide him with a bright future. This resilient young boy showed promise from preschool to secondary school, consistently earning yearly recognitions, awards, medals, trophies, and accolades. His brilliance left a lasting impression on students, teachers, and parents who had the privilege of witnessing his extraordinary talents.
Pursuing a Passion: Hospitality and Excellence
In his baccalaureate years, he chose to pursue a career in hospitality, where his passion truly shone. His talents and intelligence stood unrivaled, surpassing the standards of top universities across the globe. Graduating Magna Cum Laude with a remarkable grade point average of 93.95%, he also achieved the technical Summa Cum Laude distinction within a batch of over 400 graduates.
His career journey led him through prestigious names in the industry, including Accor Hospitality, Marriott, Starwood International, Hilton Worldwide, and Hyatt World. Notably, he became a Food and Beverage Departmental Trainer and earned the title of Topps Certified Trainer for Marriott International Worldwide. His achievements include being named the Best Steak House in Doha by Time Out Magazine in 2015 and receiving the Caterers Award for the Middle East and Africa in 2017.
A Visionary Leader and a Philanthropist
After four years of trial and error in the world of business, this young and intelligent leader now heads an international corporation, the Philippines Monopoly, which encompasses a vast array of businesses. His dedication to building relationships and connections has led him to become part of prestigious global organizations that influence communities. As a delegate of Employers Confederations International and a leader within Rotary International Philippines South Luzon, he is also a key participant in the current research program funded by the International Labour Organization for aquaculture in the Philippines, with a focus on Milkfish as a sustainable product for the global market. This visionary project, known as “Bangus Las Islas Pilipinas – A World’s Must Try!” aims to put the Philippines on the map as the leading supplier of Milkfish worldwide.
Building an Empire: The Connoisseur Hospitality International
Today, he manages an international corporation comprising 11 sub-corporations and 60 companies spanning various industries, both local and international. His holding corporation, aptly named The Connoisseur Hospitality International, stands as the Philippines Monopoly, poised to exponentially boost the nation’s economy.