Bitupan Baruah-A journey of Transformation and Motivation

A Healthy man has thousand wishes but a bed-ridden sick person has only one. We all have heard the saying that Health is Wealth. Everything can be traded for money but not Health. Health can bring Money but Money can’t bring Health. However, unknowingly people do trade their health for other things in life but don’t actually
realize it consciously. Let’s take, for example, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders who do great work for themselves and for the society. They are hard workers, they impact others, they help the economy of the country and they create legacies, but at the cost of what? No it is not just by trading time and energy. It is also at the cost of Health. One very common thing we hear about Business leaders is that they are workaholic. They work 14 to 16 hours everyday. But according to science, our body produces toxins if we don’t get proper sleep. And average human needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Moreover not getting proper sleep disturbs our focus and decision making amities. It affects not
just physically but mentally.
Sleep is just one type of example among many other things that affect the health. Another one is, not getting enough exercise. The Body needs movement to be in good condition. But Exercise is usually the last in the priority list of a business leader. And lastly the most important thing that is not just for a business person but for anyone is that, there is a perception that Health and Fitness are only for the teenagers, and after age 30 a big belly and some lifestyle diseases are unavoidable.

Well, Bitupan Baruah is proving this assumption to be wrong. An Entrepreneur from India, Bitupan is an expert in doing some of the toughest exercises and Yoga poses. At that age of 36 and a father of a 3 year old, he shows that Fitness is not just for teenagers and college youths. You can be a professional and at the same time a fitness freak. You can be that smart looking person in your formal suit in your office and at the same time that energetic boy or girl in your track pants. You can be sitting in your office cabin and also sit on the yoga mat everyday.

Bitupan was not really that fit as a child. He could hardly run like his class mates or play any outdoor sports. There were incidences when he would fall unconscious on the ground in his school field while running. By the time he was in his late twenties he started getting interested in fitness. It became his passion. He started learning Yoga from Youtube and other online sites. He isn’t professionally trained in Yoga but he can do some of the toughest Yoga poses. In 2019 he made a record in India Book of Records for doing one of the toughest exercise on a head stand position. But his way of looking at health is not just physical. He believes that Health should be looked in a holistic way that includes Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health. It is not just about how many exercises can you do but about how much healthy you are from inside. It is not just a short term goal for him but is a lifestyle.

As a Wellness coach he has trained many people get rid of lifestyle diseases, lose weight and become mentally healthy. With most of his clients being Entrepreneurs and Professionals, he says that it is very important that they take care of their physical health because the body has a direct connection with the Mind. The physical body’s health determines how healthy a person is mentally. And mental health is not only a grading line between Happiness and Depression. Mental health also determines how much attention capacity we have, how well we analyze things,

our will power, our decision making ability, our Emotional Quotient and almost everything that governs our day to day life. A business leader decides not for himself but for others and for the organization. Hence it is very crucial that he is at the best of his wellbeing all the time. A few basic tips that can be useful for business people and also can be followed by everyone are that we should do some stretching exercises for 10-15 mins everyday, get proper sleep and do meditation for 10 minutes everyday. Doing this much everyday won’t consume much time and you may not find immediate results but if done with consistency for a long time will give lot of benefits. Also take 20 minutes of
sunlight everyday. This can be done while working on your laptop on the balcony, doing a team meeting or reading a book. Sunlight is not just about getting some Vitamin D for the body but it has many other great benefits. If there is a will then much can be done but for someone who doesn’t have time to go to the gym the above things are sufficient.