Jérôme Ribeiro: A Visionary Pioneer Transforming Artificial Intelligence with Kindness and Humanity

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), there exists a beacon of inspiration and change – Jérôme Ribeiro. Far beyond the realm of professional aspirations, for him, transmitting knowledge and mastering technology isn’t just a career; it’s a life mission. Jérôme embodies a unique vision of AI, one marked by unwavering kindness, social responsibility, and humanism.


A Journey Rooted in Experience and Commitment

Jérôme’s journey commenced with significant managerial experience in the telecommunications and information systems sectors. His expertise became the foundation upon which he built his commitment to AI with a strong sense of ethics and inclusivity. Assuming the presidency of Opale, a company specializing in AI and energy transition, he championed accountability in this pivotal field. Moreover, his role as the president of the Construction & Circular Economy committee within the Organization for Climate and Circular Economy (OCCE) showcased his dedication to sustainable practices.


A Vision for Ethical and Accessible AI

For Jérôme, AI’s true potential lies in its rigorous regulation and accessibility. He advocates for an AI landscape that is not only understandable but also beneficial for everyone. He believes in demystifying AI’s complexity and expanding its reach to make it a tool that serves humanity. In pursuit of this vision, he initiated Human AI, a transformative project that inaugurated the first House of Artificial Intelligence in Africa, situated in Oujda, Morocco, in 2022.


Human AI: Fostering Innovation and Inclusivity Across Africa

Human AI is more than just a project; it’s a holistic ecosystem designed to address the needs and aspirations of all social strata. It establishes technological innovation hubs across Africa, ensuring AI’s relevance and accessibility for local populations. This initiative integrates various support and mentoring tools, including the innovative “Genius Game” for personal development and AI training platforms for candidates, teachers, and coaches.


A Visionary Leader and Global Ambassador

Jérôme’s influence extends globally. He serves as an ambassador for the World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival (WAICF) and holds the prestigious position of Honorary Vice President overseeing AI matters within the Cluster Digital Africa (CDA). His expertise has made him a sought-after figure in influential media outlets and publications across Africa and Europe.


A Trailblazer in the AI Landscape

Jérôme Ribeiro isn’t merely a leader; he’s a trailblazer transforming the AI landscape with his visionary perspective. Through conferences, symposiums, and workshops, he imparts knowledge and encourages dialogue around the ethical challenges of AI. His presence at significant industry events and expos showcases his groundbreaking solutions and forward-thinking vision.


In every endeavor, Jérôme Ribeiro emerges not just as a leader in AI but as a true agent of change. His contribution to building a future infused with kindness, humanity, and ethical AI practices underscores his unwavering commitment to shaping a better world for all. He is not just a visionary pioneer; he is a compassionate force driving the evolution of AI towards a brighter, more inclusive future.