Meet Aarif Shafi Khanyari: A Visionary Entrepreneur Committed to Success and Impact

Aarif Shafi Khanyari’s remarkable journey took him from the realm of journalism to the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.


A strong educational foundation paved the way for his entrepreneurial endeavors. He earned a Master’s degree in Urdu from the prestigious Maulana Azad National Urdu University in Hyderabad, India. Later, he graduated in Entrepreneurship from the esteemed Institute of Kashmir, J&K Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI). These educational experiences not only sharpened his skills but also ignited his creativity and passion for entrepreneurship.


In 2016, Aarif took a bold step by founding the multinational organization, ENTREPRENEUR’S SCHOOL OF SUCCESS GLOBAL PVT LTD, affectionately known as ESOS GLOBAL. As the founder and driving force behind this renowned startup development organization in Nepal, he had the privilege of collaborating closely with numerous startups, corporate entities, and public figures in both Nepal and India. This enriching experience allowed him to witness the transformation of ideas into thriving businesses, a truly rewarding journey.


Throughout his path, Aarif garnered recognition from various organizations for his exceptional contributions to Entrepreneurship, Education, and Training. A notable honor came from Mr. Humza Yusuf, the then External Affairs Minister and current First Minister of Scotland, who commended Aarif’s significant contributions to the field of Entrepreneurship.


Aarif’s passion extends to designing and organizing impactful events and programs. Notable among these are “Prestige Talks Nepal” and “Prestige Talks India,” where he facilitated insightful conversations with inspiring leaders. He also orchestrated the “Nepal India Startup Summit” and the unique “CEO’s on Bike, Startup Tour,” bringing brilliant minds together to exchange ideas and explore innovative solutions.


He is deeply committed to making education accessible and impactful. His brainchild, the “META-E3 SMART School Project,” seeks to revolutionize education through smart technology and modern teaching methods.


Beyond his professional pursuits, Aarif is a poet and writer at heart, drawing inspiration from his homeland, Kashmir, to create soulful gazals and free verses in Urdu. His creativity knows no bounds, as he introduced the first jewelry brand from Kashmir, “Ali’s de Jewels,” blending his heritage with the world of craftsmanship.


In 2012, he received the honor of being recognized as the fastest young-growing entrepreneur among 32 global entrepreneurs during a summit organized by “The Power of Youth,” an international NGO in collaboration with the Scottish government. This recognition continues to motivate him to push the boundaries of innovation and make a positive impact.


Today, Aarif stands humbled by the incredible journey that has brought him to this point. His unwavering dedication to entrepreneurship, education, and creativity fuels his constant search for new ways to contribute to the betterment of society and uplift aspiring minds.