Nix (Nixipt) J Raval: A Remarkable Journey of Entrepreneurship Empowerment and Global Impact

Entrepreneurship is a unique journey, and each individual traverses it in their own distinct way. Some sprint through the process, stumbling upon success within weeks of executing a brilliant idea. Others take a slower approach, dedicating decades of their lives to perfecting their craft and pursuing their ambitions.


For me, the path to entrepreneurship began during my childhood, laying the foundation for my future endeavors. Like all transformative experiences, it started with a feeling—a pull deep within myself, prompting profound questions about my identity, aspirations, and the impact I wanted to create in the world. As the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Modi Ji, aptly said, “Once we have decided to do something, we can go miles ahead in achieving the objective, instilling confidence among the people.”


Through relentless hard work and unwavering dedication, I have emerged as one of the youngest CEOs and founders of Uni Source Inc, a prominent Global Business & Investment Consulting firm based in India. Alongside this, I proudly serve as a mentor to numerous successful entrepreneurs. Today, I am known as Nix (Nixipt) J Raval—a multifaceted individual who dons many hats.


My journey stands as a testament to breakthroughs and accomplishments, defying societal norms and limitations to achieve remarkable and enduring success. I have strived to make a positive impact on society, particularly in empowering the youth and dismantling parochial mindsets. I firmly believe that empowerment, in any sphere, fosters an environment where individuals can make decisions and choices—individually or collectively—for the purpose of societal transformation.


Humanitarian efforts also hold great significance in my life, as I aim to bring about positive change in the world. Reflecting this commitment, I have been appointed as an advisor to the Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club in the UK, an advisor to the Executive Board of BUSINESS GATE in Dubai, and an adviser at the Indo-European Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Additionally, I serve on the Board Advisory of the Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Good Government Affairs International in Sweden.


Furthermore, I am a partner at TJH HOLDINGS INC in Canada, Ko-In Business Development in Korea, and a member of the private office of H.H. Sheikh Tahnoon bin Saeed bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan in the United Arab Emirates. I am also associated with PETROLEUM ORBIT in Egypt, Ally Advisory Group, LLC in the USA, and SIMI Consulting in Mauritius.


It is an immense pleasure to share my experiences with you, and I firmly believe that when you turn your passion into your profession, work becomes a blessing that you truly enjoy.


We must always remember that the only difference between what is possible and what is impossible lies in our mindset. Do not limit yourself, and do not let others convince you that you have limitations. Never cease to believe in yourself because with clear goals and unwavering pursuit, you can achieve anything in life.