Unveiling My Journey: From Dreams to Purpose – A Story of Passion, Growth, and Motivation

At some point in our lives, many of us find ourselves pondering this question. Today, I will attempt to answer it about myself, providing you with a glimpse into who I am.


I grew up in a typical middle-class business family in New Delhi, India. My earliest teachers were my mother and father. From a young age, I aspired to become a Mechanical Engineer. I was admitted to an Engineering College, and everything seemed to be going well. However, during my final year of college, my father’s business suddenly collapsed, and he fell into a coma. Although he eventually recovered, I had to abandon my dreams and return home to take care of my family.


While I took an unconventional path as a “Motivational Speaker,” it has been the journey that has truly made a difference.


During that time, I learned to value hard work and engage in conversations with brilliant minds from diverse backgrounds. I experienced professional growth and personal development. Little did I know then that the lessons I learned while working in an international call center were not only preparing me for corporate success but for something far greater.


I firmly believe that passion is the driving force that keeps us motivated. Those who pursue their passion will always find happiness and satisfaction in whatever they do.


I believe that passion is the fuel that motivates us, and when we follow it, we discover happiness and satisfaction in every aspect of our lives.


I believe that each of us achieves our own version of success by truly knowing ourselves and understanding what drives us.


“Success lies in discovering our purpose and designing a life that embraces it.”


I chose to take great risks by leaving my career and becoming a “Motivational Speaker” because, after years of searching and self-discovery, I had finally found my purpose.


I realized that I wanted to lead a life driven by the desire to serve, uplift, and empower people from all walks of life.


After nearly a decade working in the education industry, I took the next step in my journey by becoming a Certified Life and NLP Coach, with training approved by “The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming.” Additionally, I am a Certified Parenting Coach, Career Coach, Mind Trainer, Social Activist, and a published article writer.


Since embarking on my career as a Motivational Speaker, I have had the privilege of speaking with thousands of students and individuals from across the country. I have been honored with numerous international and global awards.


As a family-oriented person who holds a deep reverence for God, I actively engage in various initiatives that contribute to and give back to society. The sense of fulfillment I derive from these endeavors is unparalleled.


“POSITIVE THOUGHTS” is my dream, and I have established this platform as a one-stop solution for society, particularly for students and parents. Its mission is to promote “STRESS-FREE EDUCATION” and “STRESS-FREE LIFE.”


In my opinion, if there is one habit that has served me well throughout my life, it is my dedication to growth. Embracing curiosity and committing to daily learning is my mantra for achieving excellence in one’s career, at work, and finding happiness in life.


I remain open to learning more each day and treasure every new opportunity to share what I have learned so far: that our choices are more powerful than our circumstances, that our past should not dictate our future, and that our experiences should never stifle our imagination.